When we change our relationship to truth we also change our relationship to lies.

Journeying toward Activism.

Tina has been a fitness professional for over 14 years and started working out and teaching group fitness classes as a way to deal with her mother’s death from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2005, and as a way to take care of herself and find sanity in the midst of being an overwhelmed, body insecure working mother of 3 kids. Tina's hobby of teaching classes turned into a career and she held many regional and corporate positions for companies such as LA Fitness, Lifetime Fitness and Anytime Fitness, where she oversaw hundreds of department heads, studio managers, yoga coordinators and teachers, group fitness instructors and indoor cycle instructors and Personal Trainers across Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama.

While teaching fitness classes gave Tina a stage and a microphone and a platform where she has taught thousands of people, it didn't give her a voice. It was only after watching the videos of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile being killed by police in July 2016, that Tina found her voice. And it was only after reading Bryan Stevenson's book, 'Just Mercy,' that helped Tina understand what to do with her voice. At the intersection of her fitness teaching and her activism, Tina created 3 day antiracism + yoga trips, called Legacy Trips (formerly known as Satya Yoga Trips) where participants go to the lynching memorial and the Legacy museum in Montgomery, Alabama, and use the practice and philosophy of yoga as tools to dismantle racism. Tina has led 6 of these trips since December 2018, and she will lead 6 more trips in 2020.

Tina has recently retired from her full time fitness career and is now a full time antiracism educator and facilitator, and a social justice advocate and activist. In addition to leading Legacy trips, Tina also leads online webinars and live workshops, and she offers individual and organizational antiracism coaching and consulting. Tina is also the cohost of the Speaking of Racism podcast and she travels and hosts screenings and discussions of HBO's documentary, "True Justice: Bryan Stevenson's Fight for Equality." Tina comes into the work first and foremost as a Black, Queer woman having lived her entire life in the US. She teaches and learns and facilitates through the lens of Black feminism and critical race theory for the purpose of Black liberation.

"Nobody's free until everybody's free."

- Fannie Lou Hamer

Tina also comes into the work as a yoga teacher who believes that yoga is a way to promote healing and change in every area of our lives.

When Tina is not traveling she is home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with her wife. Tina can be found marching peacefully, protesting, volunteering and organizing with local social and racial justice groups against money bail, mass incarceration, police brutality/murder, abolishing ICE and the death penalty and fighting for LGBTQ+ rights and other civil and human rights issues.