Legacy Trips

Understanding that Yoga goes far beyond the physical practice.

Anti Racism & Yoga.

There is much to explore and hard truths to discover as we visit the lynching memorial and the Legacy museum. With Legacy Trips, we provide a framework to acknowledge and honor the African American experience in this country from a historical perspective and how our country's history of racial terror and violence against Black people relates to how we are life in the US today. This work takes patience, hope and a tremendous amount of courage, and I believe that with Legacy Trips, you will find strength and support on your path.

With regards to the work of dismantling racism, part of my mission with Legacy Trips is to provide ongoing resources and opportunities for deeper discussion, honest reflection and compassionate engagement on how we can be the change we wish to see in the world, particularly when it comes to race relations, racial justice, tearing down white supremacy and spreading love. Like yoga, anti racism work is something that needs to be done as individuals and as a collective group.

When on a path of allyship and addressing internalized oppression, people are seeking a space to be educated, ask questions, receive feedback and accountability, and learn from others regarding race and racism, especially from Black voices. Legacy Trips provides such a space.

About Yoga.

As a yoga teacher, Tina brings the philosophy of yoga into her Legacy trips as tools to dismantle racism. Here are the 8 limbs of yoga (in the original Sanskrit along with the English interpretation):

Yamas: The Five Moral Restraints (ahimsa: nonviolence, satya: truthfulness, asteya: nonstealing, brahmacharya: moderation, aparigraha: nonhoarding)
Niyamas: The Five Observances (Sauca: purity, Tapas: zeal, austerity, Isvara-pranidhana: devotion to a higher power, Svadhyaya: self-study, Santosa: contentment)
Pranayama: mindful breathing
Asana: postures
Pratyahara: turning inward
Dharana: concentration
Dyana: meditation
Samadhi: union of the self with the object of meditation

Yoga means 'yoke,' to bring together the mind and the body, the breath and the movement.
"Yoga chitta vritti nirodhah" (from Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, a Hindu religious text) means yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind. That is what yoga is. If we do nothing else but still our minds and breathe, we have done yoga.

I believe that basically, anything that we do with intention is yoga. Yoga is a way of life. Just like anti-racism work is a way of life. And that is why I have brought them together...utilizing the 'practice and philosophy of yoga as tools to dismantle racism. With regards to the philosophy of yoga, there are 8 limbs of yoga. Asana, the physical practice, is just one of the limbs. That means that there are 7 other ways that we can practice yoga, other than physically. Legacy trips encompass all 8 limbs.

All of that to say, these 3 day weekends are not focused on asana practice. Though we have some asana practice baked into our schedule, participants are free to participate in the asana practice or not. I encourage you to do what feels right for you and let us see how it goes and where our learning and sharing takes us. Sometimes we will meditate, sometimes we will move. Sometimes we won't. We will listen to our bodies and our hearts and each other.

And I promise, any yoga, or asana, practice that we do will be accessible and available to everyone.